Merry Christmas from

Christmas Music That Doesn't Suck!

2013 Edition

We almost didn't make it - For the first time in, well, ever, we did not launch on Thanksgiving. I almost just didn't bother - but got too many e-mails asking where xCDx was. Well, it's back, and streaming nicely - bandwidth is increased again

You can click the button below to listen in . We considered getting rid of the facebook widget, but hell, you might actually "Like" us.

We have this cool flash widget that you can use to stream right from this page, or you can stream in a few different formats depending on your bandwidth and level of geekdom. (I'll add the other streams back in a a couple days...right now, you get Normal quality and like it

Happy Holidays and a very merry whatever *You* believe in...


Click hear for most uses

Most listeners will want the middle button. Use the high quality one if you're on a good fat,stable connecttion for best sound, and use the low quality if you are bandwidth constrained or not on a system with good audio quality anyway. You can also use this widget below...except that it is built from Flash and usually doesn't work when I want it too because Flash sucks.